Crowds and Violence - Integrated Modular Response System (IMRS)

The ‘Crowds and Violence - Integrated Modular Response System (IMRS)’ project exploits CCTV analysis, police personnel GPS tracking, gestures and voice commands interpretation and computer simulation to assess how crowd behaviour is related to the control methods used.


Project aims

The aims of this project are to:

  • develop new techniques of deploying personnel responsible for the safety and security of crowds

  • improve the efficiency of asset deployment for crowd management operations

  • reduce assault-related injury associated with some crowded areas

  • provide opportunities to simulate crowd movement in response to rare and unexpected events and to inform tactical decision making.


The project is funded by EADS Foundation Wales.

The project started on 1 October 2014 and will run for three and a half years with £1.1M funding.


Professor Simon C Moore | Theme lead for Applied Clinical Research and Public Health, Professor of Public Health Research, Co-Director of Crime and Security Research Institute and Director of Alcohol & Violence Research Group

Dr Kirill Sidorov | Lecturer

Dr Padraig Corcoran | Lecturer

Joseph Redfern | PhD Student

One further postgraduate student is to be appointed.