The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention

‘The Cardiff Model’ was conceived by Professor Shepherd when he found that police forces were unaware of most violence related incidents that resulted in emergency hospital treatment. The idea of continuous knowledge sharing between hospital emergency departments and police forces was created, resulting in a reduction of violence.


Project aims

  • To replicate the Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention in the United States and Australia

  • To carry out a process evaluation of implementation of the Model in Atlanta and Philadelphia

  • To carry out a step wedge evaluation in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Geelong and Warrnambool

  • To replicate the Model in a safeguarding context using data from the Children's Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin

  • To generate Model implementation training materials for use internationally


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

  • United States Institute of Justice

  • National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia


Cardiff Programme Lead

Professor Jonathan Shepherd | Emeritus Professor, Crime and Security Research Institute

Principal Investigators and Directors

United States

  • Stephen Hargarten

  • Jennifer Hernandez-Meier

  • Steven Sumner

  • Charles Stokes

  • Sarah Bacon

  • Greg Ridgeway

  • Charles Branas

  • Daniel Wu

  • Tom Simon


  • Peter Miller

  • Diana Egerton-Warburton

  • David Caldicott

  • Andrew Walby

  • Tim Baker

  • Anthony Shakeshaft

  • Gordion Fulde

  • Michael Sheridan